Thursday, August 16, 2012

Streetlight San Jose Show said some nice things about us...

Not to generalize about Santa Cruz MCs or anything, but did you ever notice that Santa Cruz MCs have a lot to say? Dense verbiage is the rule of the land, and Eliquate is no exception. He's both wordy and worldly, stepping to the mic with a laid-back flow that rolls like a wave but doesn't break for anything. In his song "The Nineties," he claims he would have "made it" in that decade, and he's probably right. His sound is live alt-rock meets alt-hop, with the emphasis on riffs and drums instead of beatmaking. With the '90s' imminent comeback, he shouldn't have long to wait before a bunch of white guys goofing in their basement with catchy raps, guitars, a monkey and the occasional zombie is cool again. - Steve Palopoli

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Streetlight Records - San Jose
980 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 


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