Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jesús and the Rabbis Birthday Show w/ Eliquate and God's Gravy

Jesús and the Rabbis Birthday Show w/ Eliquate and God's Gravy
Friday, January 13, 2012
w/ Jesus and the Rabbis & God's Gravy

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

Jesús and the Rabbis, Eliquate, and God's Gravy will be performing at the Rockit Room on Jan 13th to celebrate the birthdays of Jesús and our good friend, Ryan Brown. Ryan will being doing stand up comedy at 7:45pm so get there early so you don't miss the hilarity. All the music will start 8pm and will go til 11pm. The door cover is $5 and it's also a 21+ show (Sorry Kids). Come on out and Celebrate!!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eliquate's "Who the F**K is Eliquate?" EP Release Party

An extremely fun night of live hiphop at Santa Cruz's favorite, The Blue Lagoon.

Eliquate (live hiphop from Santa Cruz)

boostive (live dub-hop from Santa Cruz)

Dynamic Truth (live hiphop from Oakland)

The Brothers Amor (hiphop from Oakland) will be hosting the whole night!

 Live Painting by The Made Fresh Collective

Special Guests all night.
 Eliquate will be releasing their new EP, "Who the F**K is Eliquate?"
 Eliquate and Made Fresh Collective will be launching their new fashion line.
 Jan. 14th - $5 - 9pm - 21+


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eliquate at The Catalyst's NYE Party w/ Gina Rene!!

Come bring in 2012 with the boys from Eliquate!!

We will be partaking in the Catalyst's New Year's Party in the Atrium.

Gina Rene w/ Special Guest will be starting the night off.
DJ CJ-One will be closing out the night.


If your going to be wandering Pacific Ave. for NYE, stop by and have a drink with the boys. It will be quite the time. 


Gina Rene:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Milk Party - Good Times Music Video

Friends, Fans and Family.
We are going to have to postpone the milk party video shoot. The date has not been rescheduled yet.
We are extremely sorry about this.
We are doing this for a few reasons.

1. It is 77% chance it is going to rain on the 22nd.

Being that we need the rain we are only kinda bummed. We are rescheduling the shoot to a later date that has yet to be decided.
We hope you understand and sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.
but we promise this video is going to be a lot of fun. -Eliquate

So we know some of you took part in our Zombie Music Video and how big of a success it was. We can't be anymore thankful for everyone who did take part. Thank you. We are also beyond excited for our next music video project...The Milk Party.

email eliquatemilkparty@gmail.com
do not post your rsvp on our wall.
thank you.

*Weather Permitting - if the rain comes, we will be forced to reschedule, again*

Eliquate “Good Times” Music Video Shoot

Euphoric Styles and Eliquate are teaming up to create the music video for the song Good Times off of Eliquate’s first album Arch Rhythm.

We are looking for extras to partake in this wild event.

There will be two types of extras. It will depend on how much time you are able to invest. The first half of the day will consist of mainly the main charcters (Band) as they establish the story and shoot main shots. The second half of the day will be the main party, the party will have grown into a full blown barn burner. Eliquate will also be filming video of the song Good Times. This will take place on site in a barn in the evening. All extras will be needed for the live show recording, for crowd size effect. So depending on what you can invest time wise then that will determine when we need you.

There will be 3 professional Cinematographers. This is the real deal. You will be told what to do, and you will do it. We want it fun, if people are having a blast that energy will jump into the film and make the video much better. We also want this to be done right and that means taking direction from people who know what they are doing. Have fun but please bring your A-Game.

The concept of the video is “Milk Party.” Basically, its going to be the craziest party you can think of where instead of alcohol, everyone is consuming milk. This will lead to an all out rocking Eliquate show, as well as people hurling milk up in High Definition Slow Motion. It will be beautiful. The party will start on the mellower side and progress at an alarming rate into a total ragefest.

The end of the video will be of slow motion puking involving milk. We need to know who will be willing to drink milk until they puke. The band will be puking as their respective characters as well. We also want a huge ending montage of people puking milk. The more the merrier.

We wouldn't be able to do what we do, without any of your help. We are so in debt to all the support that has been given over these past few years. Thank you. As we did state before, we are extremely excited about this project and hope you all will take part.


What we need:
: Band and Main Characters (if you haven't been talked to directly by the band you will most likely just be coming on the second day for the party/show)

: Everyone else, you will be taking part in filming the raging party scenes as well as being the crowd for the live show

alcohol and pizza will most likely be provided to those that help

Our Director:
Philips Shum

What we need:
There will be AM and PM shifts.
AM - main characters, a few for party shots
PM - high volume party extras, live show (everyone needed at this) 

with who you are, your age, what you will be able to do for the music video, will you be able to be there both days, your shirt size, are you lactose intolerant, any ideas you may have,


The 90's - Zombie Music Video

It has always had a fantasy of directing a zombie film. I don’t know if it’s the replacement of all contemporary problems with the need to survive, or the a-moral killing of human beings that inspires me, but this weekend I was able to live out my dreams thanks to the help of some very capable undead. Eliquate has completed our first music video! We decided to do the video to the song off Arch Rhythm entitled, The Nineties, as homage to the time when music videos were relevant. I decided to go with a zombie theme as homage to thriller… obviously.

The goal was to shoot the entire video in one shot, and thanks to the efforts of some very dedicated people we were able to achieve our goal with mangled proficiency. We would like to personally thank Michael Daniel, founder of Ocean House Productions for doing an amazing job filming the project. And a big thanks to Chelsea Altman, Rachael Roehl, Jessa Delacey, and everyone else who contributed to makeup. And a Big BIG thanks to all our amazing zombies for your time and patience. Seriously, we saw you getting made up and you still scared the shit out of us. You have no idea what it means to have all of your support.  And a big bIG BIG thanks to the Max house for being perfect location to shoot our feature.

Be sure and check out the video…

Eliquate is also planning our next music video project.

Euphoric Styles is producing a video for our song “Good Times.” The concept is that of a Milk Party, a raging party, where the party enabler, is milk. We need extras. Lots of extras. And this time you won’t need to play dead. We need you alive and kicking.

All the information you need is below in the links provided...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eliquate's Studio Time and Upcoming EP

So we just found out, the awesome way, that Eliquate is in fact a studio band. for the first time all 5 guys sat down in a professional studio and banged out 5 original tracks with almost no complications... well except the whole being homeless 3 times, tour bus breaking down (RIP Carla), loosing members, gaining members, members loosing fingers, promoters being snake-ish, and James Durban refusing to acknowledge us even though we clearly beat him in the 2009 YMO's thing... 

The important thing is that through all the trials and tribulations, we have completed our first works in a real studio. We would really like to thank Lina and Brodie at Indigital recording studio for all their hard work. Be sure to check them out in their new location on Fair. "Who the F@#$ is Eliquate" (the ep) is an attempt to truly capture that raw and real Eliquate sound we have been touring with for the last year and a half. It is a precursor to our up coming full length album "yet to be named" and features a preview song from that album "New Country." I personally have been listening to this e.p. on repeat trying to get sick of it and failing. honestly we are really excited about this and are extremely grateful we get to share it with you. 

Stay tuned for more info, like release info and show dates...

Eliquate is in the process of recording a new EP at Indigital Studios. Here's a few shots from Day 3.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Southern Californialistic Tour

Do you know what hell is like? 

The back seat of a 2005 Subaru Impreza. This last weekend Eliquate hit the road for yet another Southern California adventure. This time it was to commemorate goulishness, and general spookyness, as Halloween weekend was subject to Halloween being on a Monday. Despite Carla (or faithful steed) being out of commission, hopes were high as we loaded up 6 people and a five piece band’s equipment into one pickup truck and a Japanese rally car.

Our first show was at the prestigious Twelve and Highland live music venue, bar and grill.

We were told it was a costume party and, not wanting to feel out of place, hurried down to Good Will to pick out some last minute costumes. After much deliberation we decided on a spooky YMCA girls basketball team, and a  penguin. 

After a short warm up along Manhattan beach pier we were ready to suit up and get ready for the game. However, this was not the only game going on that night, the 2011 World Series Game 6 was on TV, and the patrons of the bar requested kindly that we not start our set until the game had finished. Naturally, we obliged. This only became problematic when the game went into extra innings and the closing DJs began showing up with all their equipment: headphones, and a laptop.

It was also a little awkward because  we were part of an odd minority of people who had actually participated in the costume aspect of the costume party. When the game had finally and dramatically ended the boys took the stage like shiny athletes in tiny jerseys and rocked the roaring crowd of 3500 patrons. Or perhaps it was 3400 I couldn’t tell exactly. Never the less the show was a great success, the food was delicious, and The Situation costumes were on point. 

The next night we were deep into downtown LA for a renegade set at Occupy LA, but due to lack of available parking we decided to go play on Hollywood Blvd for money instead. 

We posted up in front of Michael Jackson’s star and performed for the legend himself. 

Or, rather, the impostor himself. Either way it was an honor to perform in front of the King.

Almost as much of an honor as having our set drowned out by Jimmy Hendrix (this would have been upsetting had he not nailed it so hard.)

Dan, Our Bongo Player.

That night we set our sights on The Joint, a legendary reggae club in West Hollywood. The crowd had amassed in restless anticipation as Eliquate prepared to play their final night of this epic 2 day mega tour.

They were blessed by a surprise guest appearance from friend and emcee Homeless Ryan K. Who, although featured on their debut album, none of the other band members had met, except for Elliot. 

Joining us on stage Homeless and Eliquate did what they do, and left the crowd without a dry eye in the room.

After that it was back to hell, as 4 of the 6 members had to be back the next day. So, with no sleep, and no regard for personal sanity the gang drove 5 hours in the dark to arrive back in Santa Cruz by 8 am. Ah, life on the road.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eliquate at The Joint in West LA...FRIDAY 10/28/2011

Eliquate got another Southern California Show added to their upcoming trip! The legendary West LA Reggae club, The Joint, has kindly opened their doors to let us take part in their Live Reggae Power Party, as the special guests of the night. This is part of their "Free Fridays" so no cover is needed.

The Joint

This Friday. 9/28.

It's Halloween Weekend so come out and have some fun with us in West LA. Costumes? I think so.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24th, 2011: Eliquate in Indigital Studios

Eliquate is in the process of recording a new EP at Indigital Studios. Here's a few shots from Day 3.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Party Rock Cypher (MC Wordplay Birthday Celebration) - Oct. 22nd

We like birthdays. Birthdays are fun.
Eliquate will be headed to S.F. next Saturday, October 22nd, to take part in quite the birthday party. Our good friend MC Wordplay will be bringing his birthday celebration to Club Six for the Party Rock Cypher.

The night will also include...

Armani Cooper
The Midwest Coast
Priceless Da Roc

with DJs Franky Fresh and J-Scrill

The night will be hosted by Esque Coast.

$5 Guestlist until 10:30pm / $10 after
2 for 1 drink specials before 10:30pm


Monday, October 10, 2011

Updates to Eliquate.com

Eliquate.com has a bunch of new updates to the site we wanted to let you know about

Press Materials
New Press Sheet

New Arch Rhythm  Press Sheet

2 new upcoming shows Upcoming Shows:
Friday, October 21st- The Catalyst Club (Santa Cruz, Ca)
w/  Matt Masih & the Messengers, & My People
($8 Adv./$12 Door) (21+)(8:30pm)

Thursday, October 27th-12+Highland (Manhattan Beach, CA)
(No Cover) (21+)(9:30pm)

New Store 

"Arch Rhythm" Album 2010 (Price: $10.00)
T- Shirts: (Price: $10.00) -Eliquate Black Tee w/ White Logo

New Press Write Up in Santa Cruz Good Times:

And always new LINKS to Bands and Connections

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eliquate Plays Manhattan Beach, CA

Eliquate will be in Southern California come this Halloween time.

Oct. 27, 2011


12 + Highland

Manhattan Beach, CA


No Cover

Hope to see all you socalians out there.

Costumes are a plus.


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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tanner the Manner.

So, there is no nice way of saying this so I’m just going to have to up and say it, Tanner cut his finger off. Now, I know some of you may have some concerns, but let assure of a few things. A: No, this is not a joke. B: It was his pinky (the lame finger) C: It has been reattached and he will be at full strength in 2 to 3 months. D: He will be learning how to play all the songs one handed in 2 to 3 days. If you would like to make a donation to the save Tanner’s finger fund you may click on the adds posted on our website. Every click you make will donate $00.10 to getting tanner drunk enough to forget this whole tragedy.


It pleases me to inform all of you that Tanner is doing much better, though he is due for surgery this Thursday this has not hindered him from doing what needs to be done. He is an inspiration and an all around swell guy, and we thank him for making the best of this trying situation. New songs are in the mix and we look forward to sharing some of this new material with you all soon.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eliquate, Rec League along with Cutty Sinclair, & Lee Earl - Thursday, September 22nd @ Milk Bar (SF)

Bring your happy asses out to celebrate with me and anyone else born in September as we begin the Monthly Birthday Bash!

Music by San Francisco's own:
Rec League along with Cutty Sinclair, Lee Earl and Eliquate.

Great Music and Great Times. Come out and enjoy good times with good people at a great club!

Hey so I know we have been accustom to playing in some of the not so nice parts of SF, but tonight we get the rare treat of playing on Haight Street at the Milk bar. We have new songs, we will be playing them, as well as tossing a few back with comrades, Rec League, Cutty Sinclaire, and Lee Earl. If you can't make it, I feel sorry for you, get some friends.

Bouquet- Live @ Milk Bar 9/22/2011

Special - Live @ Milk Bar 9/22/2011

New Counrty- Live @ Milk Bar 9/22/2011


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