Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Times in Mendocino County

This weekend Eliquate fell in love. 

That's right, to a small town (that we will not name because, like The Shire, we want to keep it protected from the woes of the outside world) in Mendocino County. Eliquate would like to say, “We Love You.” 

Not only was our first venue a swanky old theatre that reminded us all of better times, but our sound was being run by none other than world class producer Selector Science. For a town with a population of 437 they sure know how to gather and have a great time.


Quite possibly the friendliest hosts we have ever been gifted with, Dysphunctional Species took us into their home and gave us the royal treatment. We spent the next morning jamming with our good friends boostive as Al Bundi and Elliot freestyled to the improvisations of their bandmates.

The latter part of our afternoon was spent at the town’s Harbor Festival, where we got to play into a gorgeous Pacific Northwest sunset. The town was so appreciative of our music we all gathered together for a group hug at the end of the set.


Saying our goodbyes and jumping off the pier we realized we had truly found something special. Thank you Mendocino County.

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