Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eliquate, Rec League along with Cutty Sinclair, & Lee Earl - Thursday, September 22nd @ Milk Bar (SF)

Bring your happy asses out to celebrate with me and anyone else born in September as we begin the Monthly Birthday Bash!

Music by San Francisco's own:
Rec League along with Cutty Sinclair, Lee Earl and Eliquate.

Great Music and Great Times. Come out and enjoy good times with good people at a great club!

Hey so I know we have been accustom to playing in some of the not so nice parts of SF, but tonight we get the rare treat of playing on Haight Street at the Milk bar. We have new songs, we will be playing them, as well as tossing a few back with comrades, Rec League, Cutty Sinclaire, and Lee Earl. If you can't make it, I feel sorry for you, get some friends.

Bouquet- Live @ Milk Bar 9/22/2011

Special - Live @ Milk Bar 9/22/2011

New Counrty- Live @ Milk Bar 9/22/2011


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