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Lyrics! Lyrics! Lyrics! by elliot.

The 90’s
I swear to god we would have made it in the 90’s
90 percent of everything comes down to timing
With time I find that everything is rewinding
Trying to find a real reason and it spites me
Everything has changed and fame is unlikely
Name sake is saved by not grabbing a mic see
I suggest you stay indoors, live life politely
Get a job cleaning floors in spite of what you might think
The jig is up, it’s over the party has gotten sober
The days of overnight fame have long since been over
And there ain’t enough butter to cover all of this toast
And to spite MySpace hits there is no reason to boast
Because my ass will be lucky to get half of a coast
To invest in something that comes a dime a dozen at most
But don’t get discouraged because courage is born of hope
Hope is a masochistic wish I wish to choke
As I swallow my pride to clear it from my throat
The eight year mistake and the Y2K hoax
Give me cereal and cartoons
Hearts stars and horseshoes
Believable commercials
Everyone to report to
Back when it was worth it to listen to the words, shit
Everyone had a meaning and everyone had a purpose
I know it’s cliché to say back in the day
Because back in the day things were basically the same
Well, styles have surely changed and everyone has a rapper name
Someone please tell me, who the fuck is Eliquate.

And it’s hilarious the way we let aesthetics embarrass us
Though carelessly prepared to compare yourself to America
Fair enough, it’s American beauty that keeps tearing up
That feeling in your stomach conceal it you grin and bear it but
This nation of distracted reactionary explorers
Put hooks in the mouths of the rest of us to raise the corners
So much effort on the part of our employers
but happiness doesn’t come with flags freedom or borders
it’s not an abstraction of literary theory
It’s seemingly haphazard’s, bitter, and yet endearing
It’s succeeding when others out of fear said you would fail
It’s getting off Scott free, volunteering for jail
If doing the right thing is only a selfish act,
Then put good into this world, good feelings will hit you back
Laugh at yourself when nobody is around,
not to shelter your embarrassment but prove that you are proud
pride is only a sin if it’s holier than thou
how art thy nature if the tree don’t make a sound?
down to the last drop, we think that it’s our age
are we really given happiness or simply entertained
words written in cursive like letters onto our friends
we see the seat of sadness and happiness make amends
lend subtle direction; it’s a charity to them
bend down, may I have another given all the trends
we pack it up and then present it as Zen,
then pretend that we didn’t do this shit for our friends
those of us who earn it make it worth it in the end
because there is no such thing as perfect
 but it’s worth it to pretend.

The answers are meaningless unless you know the Questions
Questions are means to which we live our lives to guess them
Guess is the best we can do to find the Message
Message is the point inside of words that make Connections
Connections will occur once we prove something is fresh
Fresh is an idea that breaks away from all impression
Impression is a tool profoundly used in all deception
Deception is a tool profoundly used to skew perspective
Perspective is the view to which we analyze the lessons
Lessons are obtuse unless they can be second guessed and
And is to include all the lessons that we let stand
Stand is what we do against oppression of the left hand
Hand is what we lack to extend to our fellow man
Man is the extent of our “soul” doing what it can
Can, is optimistic, can, can also be dismissive
Dismissive is the attitude of radicals who fail to listen
Listen to sabbaticals in catacombs of those enlisted
Enlisted is the status of the anguished who can see the sickle
Sickle can establish that the grim reaper is never fickle
Fickle is the pattern of the cabinet’s extensive ripple

The questions are meaningless unless you know the answers
Answers preceded us, greed, lust, and cancer
Cancer is meaningless when thinking like romantics
Romantic is a mind state that beats being frantic

Frantic is the manner that we greeted the Atlantic
Seated our advantage then proceeded with our antics
for the better of the colony, our policy, expand it
our policy is not to except what we’re handed
hand is what they gave us now we’re taking it for granted
granite is the stone that we set our semantics
semantics, that’s this poem that condones how we plan it
planet is the home that we roam and we’ve landed
land is an area of home when commanded
command is the brains to the bones to the canvass
Canvas is blank like the slate of my vantage
My vantage, my view, my opinion when candid.

The Answers irrelevant unless you know the questions
Questions are celibate examples of suggestions
Suggestion, make Eliquate the permanent profession
Professions are only worth it when they’re working towards perfection
Perfection is decided by dividing it in sections
Sections of populous that populate the records
Records will rotate this vocation network
Network abrasive because the way that I connect word
Words are like bullets without a gun they are useless
Useless like pulling that gun without the nerve to use it
So use it, because the words are the music
And music is the “sole” so never shall I abuse it.

in a galaxy not so far far away
a group of 6 kids I guess they could be called a gang
age range from about 5 going up to 8
4 of them were neighbors the other 2 shared the same name
on Saturdays and Sundays they would gather to play
their favorite game young explorers investigating the cave
where their parents couldn't find them didn't have to behave
the imaginations flying they were just acting their age
all the fighting at home had left need for escape
but they were not alone they had each other’s embrace
so they vowed to stick together no matter what folly came
weather sun was their endeavor or escape from falling rain
It didn't make a difference as long as they all showed up
they had no plan or mission just ambition for that whole stuck
in their own existence time wasn't moving slow enough
till that fateful day when the conflicts of grown ups
had showed us what happens when civilization blows up
the blast murked everything the surface ever know of
but lucky for the kids they were playing underneath it
thanks to their curiosity they discovered how deep it
goes that whole left six people breathing
on the whole planet no damage shows us the weakness
of bone tissue so misused gone there's no weeping
the innocent live on the rest of the world deceased its
their problem now.
After hours of playing with no sign of regrets
they climbed out of the cave the cave to find their parents silhouettes
painted on the walls this was not expected
but the fact is after all the adults had neglected
they were better off without them they decided and accepted
the fact they we're alone before reality had set in
the oldest of the group his name was Tommy he connected
that without his dad and mommy it was he that they respected
but that meant it was up to him to protect them
this responsibility was now on him and it reflected
the way the world was run but this was like a second
chance to advance our species like a next step
let’s let anarchy reign in the free world
test it out on this calamity we hurled
into the laps of the youngest generation
who had to adapt to this world they were placed in
Tommy did his best to maintain his patience
but children can be fussy when they're hungry and their wasting
away as their leader's only 8 already pacing
back and forth as the last resource was taken
made him wish he was back playing games in
his parents back yard but that world was forsaken
one by one so sick and emaciated
they turned on each other no brotherhood or relation
could keep them from feeding on each other or escaping
the fate that the rest of humanity embraced in
less than a week the last 6 that had lived
killed each other off when instinct kicked in
some would think it fate or simply just how it is
but they can’t be blamed cuz hell their just kids.

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