Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 90's - Zombie Music Video

It has always had a fantasy of directing a zombie film. I don’t know if it’s the replacement of all contemporary problems with the need to survive, or the a-moral killing of human beings that inspires me, but this weekend I was able to live out my dreams thanks to the help of some very capable undead. Eliquate has completed our first music video! We decided to do the video to the song off Arch Rhythm entitled, The Nineties, as homage to the time when music videos were relevant. I decided to go with a zombie theme as homage to thriller… obviously.

The goal was to shoot the entire video in one shot, and thanks to the efforts of some very dedicated people we were able to achieve our goal with mangled proficiency. We would like to personally thank Michael Daniel, founder of Ocean House Productions for doing an amazing job filming the project. And a big thanks to Chelsea Altman, Rachael Roehl, Jessa Delacey, and everyone else who contributed to makeup. And a Big BIG thanks to all our amazing zombies for your time and patience. Seriously, we saw you getting made up and you still scared the shit out of us. You have no idea what it means to have all of your support.  And a big bIG BIG thanks to the Max house for being perfect location to shoot our feature.

Be sure and check out the video…

Eliquate is also planning our next music video project.

Euphoric Styles is producing a video for our song “Good Times.” The concept is that of a Milk Party, a raging party, where the party enabler, is milk. We need extras. Lots of extras. And this time you won’t need to play dead. We need you alive and kicking.

All the information you need is below in the links provided...

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