Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Southern Californialistic Tour

Do you know what hell is like? 

The back seat of a 2005 Subaru Impreza. This last weekend Eliquate hit the road for yet another Southern California adventure. This time it was to commemorate goulishness, and general spookyness, as Halloween weekend was subject to Halloween being on a Monday. Despite Carla (or faithful steed) being out of commission, hopes were high as we loaded up 6 people and a five piece band’s equipment into one pickup truck and a Japanese rally car.

Our first show was at the prestigious Twelve and Highland live music venue, bar and grill.

We were told it was a costume party and, not wanting to feel out of place, hurried down to Good Will to pick out some last minute costumes. After much deliberation we decided on a spooky YMCA girls basketball team, and a  penguin. 

After a short warm up along Manhattan beach pier we were ready to suit up and get ready for the game. However, this was not the only game going on that night, the 2011 World Series Game 6 was on TV, and the patrons of the bar requested kindly that we not start our set until the game had finished. Naturally, we obliged. This only became problematic when the game went into extra innings and the closing DJs began showing up with all their equipment: headphones, and a laptop.

It was also a little awkward because  we were part of an odd minority of people who had actually participated in the costume aspect of the costume party. When the game had finally and dramatically ended the boys took the stage like shiny athletes in tiny jerseys and rocked the roaring crowd of 3500 patrons. Or perhaps it was 3400 I couldn’t tell exactly. Never the less the show was a great success, the food was delicious, and The Situation costumes were on point. 

The next night we were deep into downtown LA for a renegade set at Occupy LA, but due to lack of available parking we decided to go play on Hollywood Blvd for money instead. 

We posted up in front of Michael Jackson’s star and performed for the legend himself. 

Or, rather, the impostor himself. Either way it was an honor to perform in front of the King.

Almost as much of an honor as having our set drowned out by Jimmy Hendrix (this would have been upsetting had he not nailed it so hard.)

Dan, Our Bongo Player.

That night we set our sights on The Joint, a legendary reggae club in West Hollywood. The crowd had amassed in restless anticipation as Eliquate prepared to play their final night of this epic 2 day mega tour.

They were blessed by a surprise guest appearance from friend and emcee Homeless Ryan K. Who, although featured on their debut album, none of the other band members had met, except for Elliot. 

Joining us on stage Homeless and Eliquate did what they do, and left the crowd without a dry eye in the room.

After that it was back to hell, as 4 of the 6 members had to be back the next day. So, with no sleep, and no regard for personal sanity the gang drove 5 hours in the dark to arrive back in Santa Cruz by 8 am. Ah, life on the road.

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