Friday, March 16, 2012


So it's a widely known expression around Texas that the city of Austin keeps things "weird." For a town that takes pride in supporting musicians, local businesses, and serving as the Silicon Valley the South for tech start ups, it's no wonder that we feel right at home. With all the liberal progressive scenesters roaming around 6th street with indie bands posting up on street corners, its felt a lot like we've relocated to a more humid San Francisco, except instead of PBR's everyone is drinking Lonestars with coozies.

Reflecting on the first few days in Austin has been a culmination of running up and down 6th street meeting bands, musicians, seeing free shows, and making connections. SXSW draws over 200,000 people to Austin during this week. But for the most part people are really friendly...almost too friendly as I can attest to the random dude who blatantly asked me to make out with him in exchange for a rose. And while the taxi drivers seem to be too cool to stop for anyone past 2 pm, we've learned to rely on the friendly passing cars who let all seven of us jump in their car for a ride home. But as serendipitous as our trip has been thus far, we ended up getting a ride from Austin's very own emcee Chad S.N.G. who won last night's SXSW rap battle. So in true underground hip hop fashion, we listened to his flows intently while Elliot spit a few of his own rhymes to show our gratitude for the ride home.

We played our first show last night at the Dizzy Rooster to a full crowd that were all groovin to Eliquate as if we were playin a home crowd. No matter what crowd Eliquate plays for, the crowd never has trouble gettin their dance on. The band definitely played a rockin first show in Austin and found lots of new fans.

After the show it seemed like the music gods once again took Eliquate into their hands as we all peered into the windows of the Malaia Club desperately trying to listen to the Grieves and Budo show goin on inside. It just so happened that the Rhymesayers tour manager saw our pitiful looks peering through the window and walked outside to tell us that he wanted us to come in over everyone else in line. We didn't think it could get any better until we met him and Grieves after the show.  We'll see if fruition and fate bring something out of that connection for the future

Tonite we play at the Texas Rock Festival where we will on at 11 pm. If you're out here in Austin for SXSW come check us out!

this is erin...over and out!!!

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  1. Keep Austin Weird and Keep Eliquate Rocking Live Shows! Glad to hear the tour is going well for you guys and you're having a great time in one of the coolest cities in America!

    You guys have amazing energy and 6th St. is a perfect place to let more and more people know, Get it ON!!