Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the road...Eliquate in Arizona

It’s the third day of the tour and we’ve already logged over 30 hours of driving under our (breaking) belts, played two awesome shows, lost Elliot’s cell phone, found Elliot’s cell phone, reminisced over Dan’s childhood memories as we ate grits at the local Waffle House, drank a few four-lokos and took a minor side trip to watch the Giants at Spring training. We finished the night off by fitting seven people in a nice hotel room for a mere 30 bucks…all while taking in the beautiful sights that the city of Tuscon has to offer.

If I could describe the city of Tuscon for you all, I would say it is about as gratifying as drinking a warm beer out of a Nalgene (which I am currently doing while writing this blog). We managed to make it less than a mile down the road to the Jiffy Lube for them to tell us that we MUST change our belts. We then put our faith in the hands of  our drummer and tour mechanic extraordinaire, Dan Wells, to replace the belts and get us on our way. It was a group effort though as the rest of the band took refuge under a lovely tree that “sapped” on us while we took in its shade.  But we prevailed and made the best of the situation by taking the time to reflect on the trip thus far and took note of all the efforts we have each made individually to get to this point, on the side of the road, drinking warm beer out of pineapple cans in Tuscon.

Alas, we finally left the lovely state of Arizona behind us and waved goodbye to everything  it had to offer: trannies, 36 inch hoagie sandwiches, fast food chains, and the largest known pawn shop to loan guns and gold. Tuscon apparently has a lot to offer. Now we are on the road again. Only 13 more hours till Austin with many more stories to share. 

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