Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, its only day two and I have got to say I am fucking sore. Starting the trip out with a rocking show on our home turf set the pace of performance at a high I am beginning to regret. However it is alway worth a little back pain to get to see all our homies rocking out.

The second stop of the tour was Santa Barbara, where we played quite possibly the most rocking house party we have ever played. I.V. you never fail to disappoint. Interesting side note, at both shows mosh-pits ensued, perhaps this is the beginning of a new precedent?

After the show we all decided to have a few adult beverages and Thomas (manager), feeling particularly sleepy, decided to take a nap on the couch with his shoes on... So we turned him into a kitty...

We are now in Long Beach stealing wifi from Burger King getting ready for our show tonight at DiPiazzas. Being that we have no place to stay in Long Beach, we are fairly certain we are going to just barge it to Tucson after the gig.

As we step out into the fray, all we ask is that you root for us friends, and stay posted for more as Eliquate: Lost in Austin continues.

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