Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eliquate: Lost in Austin Tour

In 1700 miles Eliquate will find themselves at the end of their journey. Though the in between is yet to be determined one thing is certain, we are going to Austin, Texas. What we are most interested in seeing how two cars hauling campers of gear through three federally enforced checkpoint will favor when asked what our business is crossing state lines and only being able to respond with the lyrics of a Twisted Sister song. But I digress, Eliquate will be embarking on our ‘Lost in Austin: 2012 tour” We Will be playing the fallowing dates along the way.

March 8 - The Catalyst. Santa Cruz, CA. 8pm
Facebook Event

March 9 - Houseparty on Isla Vista. Santa Barbara, CA.

March 10 - DiPiazzas. Long Beach, CA. - 1030pm

March 11-14 GET TO AUSTIN!

March 15 - "RedGorilla Music Fest" The Dizzy Rooster. Austin, TX. - 1030pm

March 16 - "Texas Rockfest" HTR Outdoor Stage. Austin, TX. 11pm
The Heart of Texas Rockfest

March 17 - "Texas Rockfest" HTR Outdoor Stage. Austin, TX. 140pm

Though the road will be long, we are excited to be able to test our luck against the elements.    

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